Curriculum Information

Many New Hampshire diversion programs use the following evidence-based curricula to complement their program offerings.

Prime For Life Under 21

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Third Millennium

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Youth Education for Shoplifters (YES)

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The Challenge Course is a 15-hour intervention curriculum emphasizing group interaction. The course is delivered to youth in a community setting and the goals are to:

Juvenile Fire Setters Intervention & Prevention Program

Juvenile Fire Setters Intervention & Prevention Program is an educational program designed for youth and teens, ages 7-17. Trained and Certified individuals from the NH State Fire Standards and Training Academy instruct the course. All classes are taught with respect and concern for the youth’s well being. The goal is to not only provide critical fire safety knowledge, but to also help develop better decision-making skills and build a youth’s self-esteem to withstand peer pressure.

Lesson topics include:

Follow-up evaluation and tracking is also provided up to a year after a child has completed the program.

Take Control

Endorsed August 9, 2013 by NH Center for Excellence’s Expert Panel, Take Control is an evidence based program empowering youth, ages 13-18, to recognize when they are angry and what triggers those emotions. It provides them with techniques on how to handle conflict in a positive manner and methods of effective communication. The program is completed in 5, 2 hour sessions. Youth receive a certificate of completion and an evaluative report complete with recommendations for future success.

Parent(s) or guardians are required to participate in at least two support groups where they can learn how to support their child’s future success in managing their emotions.

Anti-Bullying (OLWEYUS)

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