Offense: Assault & Bullying

Sibling Safety

Two sisters, age 14 and 15, were arrested for assault against their mother. During the intake, we learned that the mother was severely addicted to alcohol and other drugs and the girls had intervened during a violent episode trying to keep younger siblings safe from the mother (who called police in retaliation of their interference). With our support, the father now has full custody of the children, and they are once again attending school regularly and connected with services to help them get back on track. The contract of consequences for the girls included connecting with a local mediation program, attending counseling and gathering information on how to stay safe from domestic violence. The mother was referred to residential treatment for her addiction.

Domestic Violence and Anger Management

A 15-year-old female was sent to our program for assaulting another classmate. This young lady was very resistant to participating in diversion or to receive any help from anyone. With a lot of persuasion on the part of diversion staff she decided to follow through with the process. She eventually opened up to diversion staff about witnessing domestic violence when she was very young and how that has affected her. She participated in an anger management class where she was able to understand how to manage her emotions and respond more appropriately to stress. By the time she was through with the process both she and her guardian reported that she had made many positive changes in her life and were very thankful for the lessons she learned during the diversion process.