Troubled to Appreciative Teen

A young lady, age 15, had significant drug (prescription) and alcohol issues was sent to diversion to complete the Challenge course. She completed the Challenge course and as a follow up, the parent and director decided that she needed to continue to meet with Diversion. This young lady, very stubborn and resistant to any help, didn’t agree. She did however continue to come and the Diversion worker. As with many young addicts, living in a world of denial is the norm. At the end of her 5-month program, she wrote the following note as she agreed to begin clinical treatment:

Please don’t ever give up on any person or family no matter how many problems they have or how much they don’t want to be helped or how much someone else doesn’t want to be helped… I know how it feels to be helped and then push that person away that’s helping me and wish I wouldn’t have because I wanted to be helped even though sometimes I didn’t always see it. So even if a person doesn’t act like they act, like they want to be helped deep down inside they do want the help and how ever much they push you away keep trying to help because I don’t want anyone or any one else’s family to feel or go through the things me and my family did. SO PLEASE PROMISE YOU’LL NEVER GIVE UP ON ANYONE OR THIER FAMILY… Give someone else the help that I pushed away.
Thanks. Love, A caring friend