Reports and Tools

Outreach Materials (9/2016)

Outreach Planning Tool to help programs with goal-setting.

Police PowerPoint to showcase the impact of juvenile diversion and the importance of police making the referral to diversion.

Discussion Questions to use as conversation starters during meetings with programs and referral sources.

SBIRT Planning and Implementation (9/2016)

Important Dates meeting schedule in Fall 2016 for programs that want to participate in SBIRT planning.

SBIRT Planning Tool created by the Network and approved by Community Health Institute specifically for Juvenile Court Diversion Program planning.

The SBIRT Playbook for New Hampshire was developed by Community Health Institute to provide technical assistance to healthcare settings. Our Planning Tool was adapted from this document, but is a good baseline resource to better understand SBIRT overall.

Site Profiles

This document includes the one-page descriptions of New Hampshire’s Accredited or Provisionally Accredited programs available in New Hampshire. While every program’s profile is available under our Locations tab, this version is in a booklet that can be downloaded and printed double-sided for any conference or handout where you need to showcase the entire Network.

Click to download the Site Profile Booklet from Fall 2016


State by State Juvenile Court Diversion Review – September 2014

On behalf of the New Hampshire Juvenile Court Diversion Network, the Community Health Institute embarked on a review of juvenile diversion approaches and strategies being used in the United States. The resulting document is this State-by-State Diversion Review (SbS Review) which provides a summary of diversion structures in 51 local state government’s (District of Columbia is included).
Click to download the State-by-State Diversion Review document.

Survey Results

Police Chief Survey Results – January 15, 2014

This 7-page report details the responses to our Police Chief Survey from 49 police departments throughout New Hampshire.
Click to download the Police Survey Results

Regional Network Survey Results — January 15, 2014

This 4-page report details the responses from New Hampshire’s 13 Regional Networks focused on substance misuse prevention.
Click to download the Regional Network Results.

Community Health Institute Grant Update – October 2013

This 4-page report details the information learned by the CHI Team and NH Juvenile Court Diversion Network during the first few months of the grant, as well as goals for the next phase. It was shared with the Police Chief’s Association and the State Advisory Group on Juvenile Justice.
Click to download the CHI Grant Update 10/2013

Tools for Network Members

Training Slideshow for Police Standards & Training – May 2014

This 55-slide PowerPoint describes the laws, programs and outcomes related to Juvenile Court Diversion in New Hampshire.
Click to download the Police Standards and Training Slideshow

One-page description of Juvenile Diversion in New Hampshire

This two-sided “one pager” is a printable version of information available on our web site about Juvenile Diversion in New Hampshire.
Click to download the Juvenile Diversion One-Pager