statehouse_concordCourt Approved Diversion Programs

As stated in RSA 169:B10, juvenile court diversion programs have the opportunity to become accredited by the State of NH through the Administrator of the Judicial Branch, Family Division.  These Court Approved Diversion Programs have demonstrated a high level of proficiency in meeting guidelines around using screening and assessment tools, offering evidence-based practices, communicating with referral sources and tracking outcomes.

Youth referred to accredited programs can expect to:

Evidence-Based Curricula

In addition to using evidence-based practices, several Court Diversion programs also utilize evidence-based curricula within their programs or as outside referrals. Click on the links below to learn more about some of the evidence-based curricula used by our Court Approved Diversion Programs.

Prime For Life Under 21
Third Millennium
Youth Education for Shoplifters (YES) CHALLENGE
Juvenile Fire Setters Prevention Course Take Control
Anti-Bullying (OLWEYUS)

Court Diversion as Community Resource

New Hampshire also benefits from diversion services that are not yet accredited, referred to in RSA 169:B10 as “other intervention program or community resources”. These programs may be less formal and are often found within police departments or small towns.

If you are aware of a program that is not listed, please notify us through our Contact Page.

For more information on how to become accredited, please click here.