Governor Hassan Creates Juvenile Justice Commission

CONCORD – In order to improve New Hampshire’s juvenile justice system and ensure that at-risk youth receive the support that they need to rehabilitate and become successful members of society, Governor Maggie Hassan today issued an Executive Order creating the Governor’s Commission to Review and Advise on Services to At-Risk Adolescent Youth in New Hampshire.

“Helping at-risk youth put their lives back on track and reach their full potential is critical to public safety and the well-being of our society and economy,” Governor Hassan said. “We must ensure that the services provided to at-risk youth focus on rehabilitation and treatment, especially as we return 17-year-olds to our juvenile justice system, and this commission will bring together public safety, public health and child services experts to help ensure that New Hampshire takes the best possible approach to, and improves outcomes for, vulnerable and troubled youth.”

Modeled after the Juvenile Justice Advisory Board that would have been reestablished by Senate Bill 391 – which the Governor vetoed because its other changes would have undone the state’s success in moving away from an incarceration-based system into one more focused on treatment – the Governor’s commission will review and advise on the services provided in New Hampshire to at-risk adolescents, assessing policies, procedures, treatments, services, and rehabilitation supports.

Bringing together experts from the juvenile justice system – including public safety, public health and child services officials – the commission will act in an advisory and oversight capacity for the state’s juvenile justice programs and services; assess the Sununu Youth Services Center and the successes and challenges of the state’s juvenile justices programs and services; and address emergent issues within the state’s juvenile justice system.

Click here for the full text of the Executive Order.

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