New Partnerships Sustain Diversion In Carroll and Sullivan Counties

Thanks to support from the Governor’s Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention, Treatment and Recovery, its Prevention Task Force and the Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services, youth in Carroll and Sullivan Counties have access to juvenile court diversion services for an additional 15 months.

Both programs’ host agencies were eliminating diversion due to lack of state funding,” said Network Chair Nicole Rodler. “Given the positive outcomes and leadership shown by the program directors, the Network was committed to helping find a solution.

Due to juvenile diversion’s impact reducing substance misuse among teens arrested for first time offenses, the Commission stepped forward with a $137,500 grant to give the programs time to reorganize their infrastructure while continuing to serve at-risk youth.

The 15-month grant will enable Lance Zack to firmly establish White Mountain Restorative Justice as a 501(c)(3) serving youth in Carroll County, leveraging his years of connections and experience working with at-risk populations. In addition to juvenile court diversion services, Lance is also offering alternative sentencing for adults, and mediation with a variety of clients including victim/offenders, businesses and families.

Committed to ensuring its youth continue to benefit from high quality juvenile diversion services, Sullivan County stepped in and added Newport area’s Alecia Farquhar to its roster of employees. Vice Chair of the NH Juvenile Court Diversion Network and member of the Strategic Planning and Accreditation Committees, Alecia brings more than three years of experience managing family-centered programs for at-risk families.

The remainder of the grant will provide technical assistance and data collection through Community Health Institute.