Prosecutors Benefit from Direct Network Training

As part of the NH Police Standards and Training Courses, Officers are provided a combination of working knowledge and practical experience in the role of Police Prosecutor. Topics include substantive and procedural law, U.S. and N.H. Supreme Court decisions, and juvenile-related law. Practical exercises in pre-trial motions, responding to motions, probable cause and suppression hearings, the introduction of evidence, and trial preparation and tactics comprise a significant part of the course.

The course offered in June 2014 was the first time that Juvenile Court Diversion was covered by someone from the NH Juvenile Court Diversion Network and Officers leaned first-hand how the process should be provided in detail by someone from the field.

The Chair of the Network, Nicole Rodler, who also works for the Rochester Police Department as the Juvenile Court Diversion Coordinator, was able to teach the one hour session to new prosecuting Officers from several Departments around the State. This course offered an opportunity to answer questions as to where existing programs in the State are located; the process that should be utilized pre-adjudication as well as after adjudication also how diversion programs can assist juvenile probation and parole; and how close-out of cases and follow up for recidivism can be conducted with the help of local Police Departments.

The officers found the course to be useful in looking at various cases that can be referred into diversion and how a combination of services can be utilized for redirecting youth already engaged in the system. Prosecutors were provided with resources for the State and case samples for review. This first endeavor proved to be useful enough that it will continue to be a permanent part of the Academy’s offerings.

Please click on this link for a PDF of the PowerPoint presentation and Case Study Examples used during the training.