World Affairs Council Brings 19 Officials to Learn About Diversion

The US Department of State international professional development exchange program reached out to the NH Juvenile Court Diversion Network to meet with 19 judicial officials from different countries throughout the world in March. Interested in learning more about juvenile justice programs and services available for at-risk youth to prevent them from getting involved in the justice system, these leaders heard about New Hampshire’s programming from Nicole Rodler, Diane Casale and Betsy Houde.

Countries represented include: Algeria, Greece. Kuwait, Montenegro, Palestinian Territories, Tanzania,Eritrea, India,Malaysia, Namibia, Romania, Thailand, Georgia, Jamaica, Moldova, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Venezuela

According to Tim Horgan, Associate Director of the World Affairs Council of New Hampshire,

The [judicial officials] felt you were a shining example of how this work should be done and took many great ideas from this.

The Network appreciates these types of opportunities to showcase the deep levels of collaboration across systems, communities and the entire state. Located on the campus of Southern NH University, more information can be found at