CHI Completes State-By-State Diversion Review

On behalf of the New Hampshire Juvenile Court Diversion Network, the Community Health Institute embarked on a review of juvenile diversion approaches and strategies being used in the United States. The resulting document is this State-by-State Diversion Review (SbS Review) which provides a summary of diversion structures in 51 local state government’s (District of Columbia is included). The purpose of the SbS Review is to provide NH Stakeholders, NH Diversion programs, and community members, the best possible suggestions and information on how delinquency and diversion is offered in other states. The intent was to identify the overall structure of which state body is responsible for juvenile diversion, identify who manages diversion or Juvenile Justice Services in each state, and to guide NH in identifying desired practices for further development of Juvenile Diversion. This document is not finite, by any means, as diversion practices and standards are modified and adjusted to meet the growing needs of the youth, their families and the jurisdictions in which they live. Every effort has been made to find the most current information.

While it would be ideal to focus on all aspects of the Juvenile Justice System, it is important to keep in mind that this document describes juvenile delinquency and/or diversion only. We hope that Network members will find the information included to be informative and that it offers each NH juvenile diversion stakeholder a true picture of nationwide diversion practices.

For more information, please contact Rachel Kohn, CHI.