Committee Releases Report In Support of Network

On November 1, 2013, The Child and Family Law Committee submitted a report under HB 418, Chapter 44:1, Laws of 2013. Their Memorandum, widely and broadly supported testimony from the NH Juvenile Court Diversion Network. The report, also included key recommendations for Juvenile Diversion, and called for elemental and specific findings in seeking to address… Read More »

Chair Testifies Before Child and Family Law Committee

On Oct. 15th 2013, The Juvenile Diversion Network testified before the Child and Family Law committee on House Bill 572 calling for a Study Commission to study public-private partnerships for the treatment of children. While Grafton County Attorney Lara Saffo spoke primarily on the effectiveness of NH’s Restorative Justice Practices. Nicole Rodler, NH Juvenile Diversion… Read More »

Network Welcomed at Police Chief’s Meeting

NH Juvenile Court Diversion Network Chair Nicole Rodler presented to the NH Police Chief’s Association at their October monthly meeting at Hampton Police Department. Previously unaware that there are no diversion programs available to youth in the North Country and other pockets of the state, the Chiefs were very receptive to the grant update provided… Read More »

Community Health Institute Selected as Partner

We are pleased to announce that Community Health Institute, Bow, New Hampshire has been selected by the State Advisory Group on Juvenile Justice to work with the NH Juvenile Court Diversion Network over the next year on strengthening the sustainability of diversion programs.